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what a lost

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i had a crs which was berried, have no reason why it died but it was laying on the petri dish, i removed the eggs from the dead carcass hoping the eggs would hatch when it is the right time sniff!:angryfire
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How old was it? Females are often stressed when they're berried and even more so when it's their first time or if their just young.
make sure the eggs are suspended otherwise they will rot. place them in a net and run an airstone beneath...
i think it tried to molt and it failed....! cuz i noticed a few tried to push the outer shell..
Mentioned this in your other thread. You'll need to either add calcium to their diet or calcium clay into the tank directly. I do both and haven't had any failed molting problems since. This applies to both neos and caridinas. If you need more details, pm me.

I can give you some clay to treat 100 gallons if you need it.
So from what acitydweller said, have you measured the GH in your tank? It'll either be too low or too high if they arent' molting correctly. If it's low you should follow what acitydweller said. However, if it's too high you'll need to use RO/DI water.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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