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What a Great Find!

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Today I was looking in my parents attic to search for some old car radio speakers and parts to sell on ebay to earn some cash to upgrade my lighting...when I stumbled upon 15 of these, brand new in their boxes:

They are PERFECT! They are only 14 inches long, come installed with the ballast and can fit 2 x 27w CF bulbs! I could easily make a DIY canopy for 1 of them and have plenty of light over my 20 gallon, and if I got adventurous, add a second! I'm also thinking of throwing one over my future 10 gallon.

And the reflector, it's amazing. I will post a picture of the fixture later. These lights are made for focusing light onto a narrow, specific area, like a menu on a wall. The reflector is perfectly curved.

Only ONE problem. It's a track light, and I know NOTHING about track lights. How the HELL do I power this thing up? Reading the instructions, it looks like it works with a Lytespon track.

If I'm going to use these, am I going to have to go to Home Depot, whip up a new canopy and install track lighting just for one of these?

Cost is obviously an issue, is it possible to use these at low cost?

Also, track lighting and water concerns me. Exposed electrical current over an aquarium = not good.

Is there any sort of an adapter to conver track lights to regular lights?
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As usual, the "instructions" included with the fixture are absolute crud :tongue: . Now, I'm not an electrician (although I've done a bit of household wiring) so take anything I say with a grain of salt. It looks like these things are supposed to slide into, or plug into, an energized track? If you can get into the little housing that encloses the contacts I should think there'd be the main wiring (white and black) in there and I'd also think it could be converted to regular wiring with a plug. This is just a notion without actually seeing the thing in person you understand. Basically when you stick the thing in a track, you're really just sticking it into a proprietary plug-in system. If you can find somebody with a bit of electrical experience I should think it would be a fairly simple matter to convert them.
Anyone know if there are any type of plugs that can convert track lighting fixtures?
also make sure it's rated for 120v. some track lights run a lower voltage to reduce accidents.
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