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What a great Birthday Present!

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My birthday was last Monday and it was great, but I signed on today to find that The Planted Tank had reached 500,000 posts! So thanks to all of you for a great present!

Here is to reaching 1 million posts!
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You should just hope that no one figures out how to negative post. Or you're screwed.
Happy Belated Birthday old man. LOL
Happy birthday fellow Capricorn!
Happy B-Day!!! I love b-days. You never know what your going to get.
Happy birthday!

As for what you'll get... Punches usually happen:icon_roll

I think I had a small help on the post amount though.


Know any good fish tank rehab facilities?:help:
Happy belated birthday!!!!
It was strange birthday gift to you. Anyway belated happy Birthday to you. I will pray the god, he may shower his blessings into your head.
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