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What’s so bad about “pests”

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Recently, I’ve seen a lot of posts on YouTube and other platforms about how to get rid of things such as planarias pond snails, scuds, you name it. So why are these creatures hated? Are they destructive to the tank or is it just a aesthetic thing(The look of a bunch of snails crawling by everywhere).
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Only thing that's really harmful is planaria when in shrimp tanks. But even that's trivial at best and they're easy to remove. They can only really harm slow or really young shrimp and only just after a molt - when they don't have much in terms of carapace protection.

Scuds can be destructive and eat plants. They can also harm smaller fish and shrimp.

Snails? It really is an aesthetic thing and usually with newcomers to the hobby. I don't know many lifers who would complain about snails. Because they're beneficial for most tanks. Their populations don't explode unless there's an overabundant food source and they really don't produce much waste. If a tank is larger than a few gallons, the waste produced (if it's not quickly eaten by other snails and shrimp, as is usually the case) wouldn't present much of a problem.
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