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If you look at the s. Repens, anubias, dhg, and crypt parva something is killing them. This is a tank that is more than a month old and up until a few days ago the plants were very healthy and growing very well. The crypt parva was added recently. The melting of the s. Repens started before the parva was added in. The melt starts with a speck on the leaf and overnight the whole leaf and leaves around it turn transparent. And it seems the melt is spreading throughout the tank. It doesn’t seem to affect my rotalas and other crypts.

Any ideas? I dose with nilocg thrive+, have co2, and my light is finnex planted+ 24/7 cc. The tank is a 20 gallon long with 2-3 year old mix of controsoil and amazonia as substrate. I use tap water that is probably considered liquid rock. I also add epsom salts for the magnesium because in my water report I have an abundance of CaCO3 and very little of the other.

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