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Hi there folks,

I’ve been cycling my tank since beginning of July. It has taken a bit too long due to some mistakes. Long story short, I finally got my ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates spike. Last week (Monday) I saw that my nitrites came down to .25 so I stopped adding ammonia for a couple days. Two days later (Wednesday) I tested my water and my pH was at 7.4, ammonia at 0ppm, nitrites at 0ppm, and nitrates at ~160ppm. So I decided to do a water change of 35% (my tank is a 29 gallons one) and after that I added more ammonia until it reached 2ppm.

I waited for another 24 hours.

After the wait (Thursday) my ammonia came down to 0.25ppm but my nitrites when up to 0.25ppm. I was able to bring down my nitrates to ~80ppm. So I did another water change of 35% and added more ammonia until I reached 2ppm again.

I waited for another 24 hours.

On Friday, my water results came as 1ppm for ammonia, 0 for nitrates, and 20ppm for nitrates. I got confused because my readings for ammonia didn’t reached 0 in 24hrs so I just let the tank alone and went on my weekend.

Today, I tested the water again and it is still sitting at 1ppm for ammonia, 0 for nitrites, and 20ppm for nitrates. So in the last 48hrs there hasn’t been a change in the water parameters. It makes me curious and I’m frustrated because I think that something I did kind of crashed my cycle. I’ve been thinking that maybe letting it go for two days without dosing ammonia might have killed my bacteria or it might have been due to the fact that when I performed my first water change, my filter stayed off for more than 3 hours.

If any of you have some advice or help on how to proceed, please, I’d appreciate it very much.

Thank you in advance for the help and your time.
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