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Just placed my first plant order for my first planted tank. Its a 29 aga, this look ok?? Still looking for a nice piece of dw too. I wish those anubiasdesign petites weren't so darn expensive, I want MORE!

Code Item Qty Price Grand Total
misc33 Java Fern (Narrow leaf)(Microsorium pteropus)
3 $6.59 $19.77
an21 Anubias, Nana (Anubias barteri v. Nana)
4 $5.49 $21.96
AN17 Anubias, Petite Nana (Anubias bareri var. nana 'petite')
11 $8.79 $96.69
misc41 Blyxa Japonica
4 $4.99 $19.96
cr91 Cryptocoryne Parva (bare root)(also available in pots)
1 $2.29 $2.29
crpo01 Cryptocoryne, Wendtii Red XL (Cryptocoryne wendtii)(XL)
1 $7.69 $7.69
cr17 Cryptocoryne, Balansae (Cryptocoryne crispatula var. Balansae)
3 $2.29 $6.87
cr13 Cryptocoryne, Undulatus (Cryptocoryne undulatus)
1 $3.73 $3.73
cr15 Cryptocoryne, wendtii 'Florida Sunset' limited quantity
1 $9.99 $9.99
po35 Cryptocoryne, Wendtii, Bronze (Cryptocoryne wendtii v. Tropica)
1 $3.73 $3.73
BP69 Bacopa australis (Bacopa australis)
1 $2.39 $2.39
bp49 Green Temple (Hygrophilia corymbosa)
1 $2.29 $2.29
bp71 Limnophila hippuroides (Limnophila aromatica 'hippuroides')
1 $2.99 $2.99
misc43 Vesicularia montagnei 'Christmas moss'
1 $9.99 $9.99
po121 Micro Sword "Narrow Leaf" (Lilaeopsis Mauritius)
10 $3.73 $37.30
po59 Sagittaria, Dwarf (Sagittaria subulata) Potted
1 $3.73 $3.73
misc35 Java Fern mat (Microsorium pteropus)
1 $18.69 $18.69
misc03 Tiger Lotus, Red (Nymphaea zenkeri)
1 $5.49 $5.49
anpo03 Anubias, barteri var. nana 'narrow leaf'(potted)
1 $4.99 $4.99
cr07 Cryptocoryne, Wendtii, Green (Cryptocoryne wendtii)
2 $2.29 $4.58
[censored] Subtotal: $285.12
[censored] : $0.00
[censored] Shipping Cost: $52.37
[censored] Grand Total: $337.49
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I've got a few pieces of driftwood if u wanna see
WOW i hope you ordered from a reputable dealer!
Great plant list, nonetheless. I think you might find that you're going to have trouble fitting all those plants into a 29 gallon, but it's hard to say until you actually have all of them. Best of luck!
I ordered from so hopefully it'll be ok. I'm not sure if they are reputable or not, but they were just about the only place I could find everything I wanted in one shot. I wanted to plant this tank heavy and have it look nice from the start. Especially since a lot of them are slow growing! Hopefully they all fit lol
That certainly is a nice list of plants indeed. Coming from experience and personal preference, I would have narrowed the list to a handful of plants, say 5-8 types as I find having a bunch do really well offers better aesthetics. Having dozens and dozens of types sorta says I have collectoritis.

Do you have a medium full spectrum light fixture tp sustain these lovely specimens?
I have a 2 bulb t5ho fixture with a 10000k and a 5500k bulb in it. Some cheap fixture I got from somebody who thought they could use it for a reef lol. I think it's made by zoomed.. I would have to look tho.
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