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Went down to Blue Hole today - pics!

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I went down to Blue Hole (Georgetown section of the San Gabriel River) today and spent some time poking around.
Not sure how to attach these photos... This will probably be edited a few times while I work it out.
Okay, I guess I'll just explain what those photos are.
First two are baby crawdads. First little cray was only about a half inch long, adorable! You can't see it, but they both have orange-tipped claws.
Tiny baby turtle that somebody caught. Don't worry, we let it go.
There's a weird beetle larva thing in there somewhere.
Angry orange crawdad. He doesn't like me.
I think this fellow is a green sunfish... There were some little kids fishing with their dad. Everything was released, of course.
There were two men fishing for just random small things... Said they were catching catfish bait. Gotta be some big catfish! This is a paled-out Rio Grande perch.
This is an unidentified foul-hooked fish... Gonna do my best to nurse him back to health. Any clue what he is?
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What, the pretty sunnies? Those weren't even the prettiest ones... They're just the only ones I photographed. Pretty cool little fish.

The little foul-hooked fellow turned out to be a blacktail shiner. Unfortunately, he ended up dying.

Oh... Suppose I should mention something on that last pic. That's residue from Easter egg dye on my fingers, some that was left over after I scrubbed my hands. Stubborn dye. It's not some odd vein issue.
Also the turtle! Always wanted a local biotope with darters or sunfish.
Ooh, we have some darters... I've caught a few.
Hey, if I was sure it was legal I'd get you a few of each! We also have some gorgeous orangespotted sunfish, but I don't have any pictures of those. They don't get too large... 6 or so inches, I think.
Hey, if it's legal and you wanna come down, I'll get you some nice darters! I'm thinking they're orangethroats, but I'm not exactly sure. Might be able to get you some orangespotted sunnies once I get my barbless hooks in...
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