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wendtii crypt question?

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hey guys -

so i bought this huge brown crypt. in the store the parameters weren't right, and the leaves were growing out not so long and narrow (pointy?) but more long stems with oblong or rounder leaves. this thing is growing like crazy in my tank, but still the leaves are growing out with long stems and more rounded leaves. anyone know why? i'd like to get it growing with shorter stems and longer leaves, is it my water parameters or should i just wait longer? i've had it for about a month, fyi... thanks...
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C. wendtii is a very variable plant. It could change it's appearance 2 or 3 more times on you. It will keep adjusting to the conditions in your tank, then when you do something drastic light change a light bulb, it will drop it's leaves and start over. You can't count on a wendtii to do anything that you want. I had some that were almost a foot tall in one tank. I moved some of them to another tank where I wanted them to be a foot tall, they were 4 inches tall in a month.
I second that, crypts are versatile plants which appearance may change depending on light level, chemistry and depth. Not to mention some emmersed growth of cyrpts are much different from the submersed form. Sometimes it gets tricky enough to ID one that you must see the flower to easily identify.
Even with the flower it's not easy. ;)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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