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I recently started aging my well water in a 55 gallon drum prior to refilling my tanks during a water change. My process is to heat the water after it is aged to tank temperature and then pump the water into the dank during a water change. I have had issues with cloudy water prior to this process which I have found difficult to reslove over the years, but have not noticed any ill effects with either my plants or fish. Usually the cloudiness would begin to reoccur after a few days and I wold either tolerate it or do an additional water change to improve it.

When I started using the drum I noticed that after some hours the water in the drum would turn persistently cloudy and remain that way when introduced to the tank creating a white/grey/blue haze immediately. My water has been tested is is.considered microbiologicaly clean, and has no serious contaminants. The water has a KH around 6 and a GH around 10. I pass the water through an inline carbon and sediment filter as I fill the drum, and the water is clear as it enters tank and for the first few hours before it begins to cloud. After several days no noticeable sediment is evident at the bottom of the drum.

Yesterday, after researching various options, I decided to purchase a Marineland Magnum Internal Polishing filter and left it running overnight with the micron filter inside the drum. This morning, the water was clear with almost no detectable haze. After today's 50% water change there was no blue/white/Grey haze in the 75 gallon tank, and the existing cloudiness was reduced more than it had been when using the aged drum water before.

My question is, what is happening here?

I am suspecting that minerals in the well are in solution when in the well, and stay in solution when passing through the carbon/sediment filter, but, when the pressure is reduced and the water is exposed to atmospheric gasses, some of these minerals precipitate out of solution but remain suspended in the water column until the micron filter catches them.

Are there any other actions (short of RODI) I can take, or does this solution seem to be the the right thing to do?

One additional thing to add. After removing the cloudiness with the micron filter inside the drum, my TDS meter gets a reading around 120, but right of of the well it is around 140.
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