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Well water comes out with 1ppm Ammonia

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So I finally figured out why my office tank was having such a hard time getting the ammonia down with initial cycling. I've come to find that it is coming right out of the faucet with 1 ppm Ammonia. If I treat this water with Prime before adding it to my tank do you think I'll be able to use it? My only other option is to bring in water from home.

Thanks for any advice.
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Prime only detoxifies ammonia. You will still register the ammonia on any test and it is still available to the nitrogen cycle. If you have fish in the water, I would definitely treat it.
My water (tap) also tests 1 ppm ammonia.
It comes from the chloramines the water company adds.

I use a dechlor that locks up ammonia, and can do 50% or larger water changes.
I would test it each time you use it. Well water can change, especially if it is close to the surface and is filled by surface water.
A good carbon filter will help a lot
So if I treat it with Prime and a dechlorinator it should be safe for water changes?
Prime is a dechlor. No need to double up.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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