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I'm for real about to throw in the towel on these dang OEBTs. :icon_eek: But Ms Thang is still hanging on and her babies are now out and about more (still only seen 4-5 at once cause I'm too afraid to lift leaves). The water they are in is way harsher than what is even in the OEBT tank. Going to try to soften that a bit over the next few days as well. I'll figure it out eventually I guess.Sigh.
*pats your head*
my next shrimp are going to be tigers, but I'm going to start with wild tigers because OEBT are pricy, and I'm poor. I've got some damn super happy neos right now though, up to 6-8 berried females, and several more saddled lol.
I'm hoping my tigers don't make me want to drink/take heavy medication like yours do haha.
Also, if for some reason you feel they are sending you to the nuthouse, I volunteer to adopt them! *Hands you a fancy drink with an umbrella in it*
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