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Well I have made a start!

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Things have not gone to plan, cracked the base of my sump which I have re based and waiting to dry out so that has taken up some time.

I have finally decided on lighting, I have on order x3 2 HO bulb pendant units that will hold x6 HO 54w 6500k t5's, got a nice bit of bogwood from the lfs when picking up aquarium silicone so now will start the list of plants that will be the first introductions and try to decide on scape materials.

The co2 system is still under consideration.

The wood is soaking in the tank for now as it needs to sink and hoping to start the scape by next weekend.

Not much to see but here is the tank as it is now, I have the lid from what will be the 2ft quarantine tank for fish and plants ( top left ) which will be pump fed from the main tank lighting the tank now.

As I am new to a planted tank any ideas on scape especially due to the height of the tank welcome.

4ft x 2ft x 30" ( lwh )

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Ok, well I now have everything running and leak free ( touch wood ) The sump fix has worked fine. I have the first media for the sump on order so by next weekend should be able to start cycling the tank properly. At the moment I am still just running it on tap water only to flush it all out.

The big bit of wood is still just soaking and yet to sink, once it has sunk or I have had enough of waiting I will get it into a position I like.

The sump which also has a auto top up tank feeding it

sorry for the reflection..
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