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Hey all, so i am slowly evolving my tank into a jungle, the one issue i have is i feel i need to break up the green with a feature background red plant off centre.
Currently in the tank:
Amazon sword- grows straight up??
Vals - wont grow taller than 8"??? maybe dwarf variety??
Aponogetan crispus- 40" + long and struggle to stop shading everything
Red serpan vals - as above...
Bacopa- nice and bushy
Wisteria - coming out this week
Crytocoryne Balansae - arrives this week to replace wisteria, bit worried this might get unruley as well...
Amazon Micro sword carpet - new last week, just starting to show a few new shoots.
Black Amazon sword
Crypts - walkerii brown and penchai (sp) new this week
Christmas moss
Few mid ground grasses.... and anubias of course

So i was looking at Limnophilia Aromatica.. is this a good plant...?
I have tried Rotala wallichii without any luck before in the 55g..... trying this again in my nano now.
Or maybe Alternanthera reineckii 'Pink'.... any advise with this one??

I have pressurised co2 and med/ high light (2x T5HO 54w, 1 x 7500 1 x 5400 i think)

Any other suggestions for a red plant would be very much appreciated. I will post some pictures when i get home tonight.

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