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Welcome to my wonderful algaescaped tank!

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So after much neglect, due to school, and newborn, my tank has degraded. its full of algae, and my Riccia got so infested i chucked out almost all of it, except about a quarter size worth, which i shoved in hole in the log to grow out of :p

heres pic one, the roots of Alternanthera reineckii

my algae ingrained glass, which wont scrub off.

My piece of slate:

Pic of unknown plant known as #3.

and finally, my bogwood, notice theres the algae on it, and then the wierd thingy in the bottom middle, thats the stuff that i threw my riccia out for.

it is a 10 gallon tank, two cfl's for lighting with a tin foil lined hood, putting out 23 watts a bulb for a total of 4.6 watts a gallon. the lights are one 10 hours a day broken up with a siesta of 3 hours in the midday.

Fish load = 4 cardinal tetra's, 2 matured guppies, 1 juvenille guppies (smaller than the tetra's) and 3 peppered cories.

running an xp1 filter now, changed to it earlier today. before was a penguin with the wheel removed. Media right now is what it came with, the activated carbon baggy, mechanical and bio stars.

water changes are very infrequent, but have no issues with starting to do them more often now as i have more time. usually a 75% change once a month.

only ferts it gets is a minute amount of trace. not very often at all, maybe once a week at most.

fish are fed once every two days, food is consumed rather quickly, very little falls to waste.

I'll give chemistry in a while, i need to do the tests, been a while....

i removed my co2 ladder because it was so filled with hair algae, and i was being way too lazy to change the mixture, i may throw it back in tank. it was the hagen set up.

so im asking for help, i want to fix up this aquarium and get it stable. i dont mind dosing, but i'd prefer a much lighter dosing regime than most ei dosing suggests.
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With that much lighting, you absolutely need CO2 and ferts to get rid of your algae. I don't see a full tank pic, so I'm not sure how much plantload you have, but consider getting some more and replacement plants for what you took out.

That green spot algae should come off the glass with a commercial algae scrubber pad and some hardwork.

But ya, post a full tank pic so we can get the full picture.
Nice tank - even with the algae:smile: You can also get the green spot algae off the glass with an old credit card. It works nicely and pretty quickly. Some people use a razor (but not on acrylic). Algae eaters usually can't get this stuff off or maybe just don't like it. The stuff on the slate looks like GSA too.

I agree that adequate CO2 is essential. Once that is up and running, ferts could really help do if dosed in the correct amount. For instance, adding phosphate can help with the green spot algae.

The other algae looks like hair algae to me.
heres before the algae:

and after:
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It's not that bad!
Agreed. Don't do anything drastic - like I did:)
I really do not think that is very bad. After some correction you should be fine. I would think some wisteria will suck up some of the excess nutrients, but would need significant trimming in a tank of that size.

The algae should scrub off.

mixed some co2 juice up and threw it in the tank, decided to see if it will work without the ladder and the bubble tube fed below the intake tube, hopefully this will help
mixed some co2 juice up and threw it in the tank, decided to see if it will work without the ladder and the bubble tube fed below the intake tube, hopefully this will help
that is the best thing you could have done. i do the same on my 29g with a xp1 aswell and it works wonderfully!

now go get a drop checker with a 4dkh solution (if you dont already have one)
already have 2 from Blacksunshine, unfortunately im having difficulty finding the 4 dkh solution recipe using capacity measurements as i do not have a digital scale yet. also how long does the solution last?

oh, and using a debit card to scrub algae didn't work, i resorted to using a spare box cutter blade which seemed to plow the caked on crap off the glass. i think i'll invest in a nice razor on a stick.
well my plants are pearling a bit now... didnt expect that, not to mention my co2 is almost fully disolved. microbubbles as it leaves the spray bar, but the spray bar points towards the glass and slightly down, so the bubbles cant rise

plants already seem greener since the co2, The bacopa especially, it was becoming a real dull gray/green before.

plus i ordered the fert combo from rex :p

does the hair algae die off if the nutrients are sucked by the plant? or will i need to remove the affected plants

and is there any word on the baking soda to distilled water ratio? i have 4 litres of distilled water now awaiting mixing

EDIT -- I realise now that i've been an idiot. The Blue liquid that came with my drop checker is not regeant.. its the actual mix. So now i have a jug of distilled water with no use but to drink.
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seems hair algae is having an outbreak again, any suggestions?
well since theres no suggestions yet, im thinking i will do the following
1. Test my tank with every kit i own to get all the paramaters to figure out why this is happening.
2. Water change 30%
3. Reduce light period in half until my ferts arrive from rexx
4. Treat full tank with h202, 2 ml/gallon
5. Add purigen to my canister
6. Start excel dosing every second day
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