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So a couple months ago I bought an Atman At-303 powerhead (rated at max flow of 600 L/hr) off ebay for a project. Well I never got around to that project so it never got used. Now I'm looking into making a DIY canister filter for a 5 gallon chi so I can take that pathetic filter and light off and get a real light on there.

I take out the powerhead and fill up a bucket of water to test it and there is almost no flow. I can feel it vibrating but the flow is nearly unnoticeable. So I took it apart, checked everything (everything looked fine) and even lubed up the impeller axle and still nothing.

Well I was playing around with it trying to get it to work and I noticed that when a little bit of air gets into the system it starts to actually pump water but as soon as it gets submersed it goes back to the pathetic dribble.

Any thoughts?
Thanks for reading.
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