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Weird pond topper...

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Had some cool designs on top of the ponds this year with this being the best color contrast and picture perfect part. I cut this picture and blew it up. no color change...
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Pretty, looks like little islands or something. I like it. Nice RRF!
It was cool to see the different patterns that came out this year. The salvinia minima and frogbit did some cool patterns as well.
Cool, I have ponds, only tried lililes, water hycinth, water lettuce, whats is the red plant?
Its commonly reffered to on here as red root floater
Chad, if you get over-run with those RRF's, give me a shout please, I would love some.
Randy, ive got some for you but in the tank they are green on top, and only get that bright red in the summer sun. Otherwise they are green with red roots. Shoot me a PM and well work something out(free +shipping).
Chad, I sent you a PM. I have LOTS of plants, pond plants and aquatics. Right now I have some Harlequin Blueflag (Iris Versicolor) that I really need to thin out tommorrow if you want to trade? I'm already shipping a bunch of boxes of plants this week anyway, I could add you to the list. You can wait until you get the box to ship me the RRF's if you'd like.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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