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Weird oddball fish?

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It was called a "baby dolphin" I know it's a kind of morymid(?), but I don't know what it is?

By the way, it's in great demand here!
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No? Nobody knows what its called?
Petrocephalus bovei - Baby Whale. It is a mormyrid, like elehant noses. It has the same issues with electrical discharge annoying other electrically sensitive species, and with medicine sensitivity, hiding places, and prepared foods. Tough fish to keep, so far as I can tell.
That's a baby whale? that fish looks humongous! I saw an LFS that had a bunch of "baby whales" that were all under one inch long. I did not purchase any but there was also no indication that they weren't some small schooling fish like a neon tetra... However, they were similar in shape (though smaller) than the one in the photo above. I swear sometimes it's like they're being deceiving on purpose...
It doesn't look quite like the baby whale. The nose is too pointed. I saw a baby whale in my LFS a couple of months ago and it really looked like a tiny whale. The one I saw was about 3" long.
nice fish never the less. I like the shape of its tail:smile:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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