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Weird Echinodorus tenellus growth

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So my Pygmy Chain Sword in my Natural Planted Tank is growing quite strangely. It appears as though the rhizome is growing/elongating vertically out of the substrate so that it looks like a little palm tree with the rhizome an inch tall and the leaves sprouting from the top. It is happening to 3 different plants. There are no roots growing out of the rhizome above the substrate line.
Has anyone experienced something similar? I've tried pushing it down into the substrate further but it just keeps growing taller and taller. Is the rhizome growing like crazy because of the nutrient rich soil substrate?
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? Hmm are you sure it's e. Tenellus? I have some and it doesn't have a rizome at all.. Just grows grassy leaves and occasionally a runner every couple weeks..

I don't have any experience with other dwarf chain swords.. It shouldn't an issue tho for what it's doing. Anubias for instance *can't* have their rizomes's covered.
I think it's against forum rules to make a thread about weird growth and not post a pic :eek:
That is NOT in the rules.
i vote to make it a rule
i pic would really help.

however my e tennellus micro does something that i think you're talking about. when its not in high light it tends to grow up for a little while untill the stalk gets too long and then it drops down and it'll grow somewhere else. in my high ligh tanks they shoot their runners down to the substrtate
That could be it. Its in a ten gal with 2 15W CFLs and the plants arent really in a higher intensity zone of light.
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