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Weird but Pretty Fish

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hi guys,

i have this fish in my freshwater tank that i have raised since it was like 2 inches long. At first it looked like a goldfish...ur typical black and gold orange fish. But as it grew, it...well morphed!.....its pretty but i would really like to know what kind of fish it is.

thankx guys

BTW...its about 6-7 years old now and about 11" from tail to tip.
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looks like a goldfish to me. If not then a koi, but the body shape and lack of barbles make me think goldfish.
Thats a great looking fish. Love the long fins. I would also say it some sort of (Black)Goldfish.
thankx guys

i just googled "feral goldfish" and one of the searches came up with a fish that looked xactly like mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!...its a wild-type golsfish then.....:) :) :icon_mrgr

p.s.....yeah he/she is not only pretty but very peaceful......i have had it with fish 1/3 its size without the little ones getting hurt!
That fish actually looks like a butterfly koi, given the shape of it's body, the finange and the fact that the nostrils have the fleshy look to them...
it's looks like mutt goldfish... I has all the traits of fancy goldfish & comet & moors even.
I was thinking a long-finned comet, but after reading mistergreens post i tend to agree that it has a little of all of

A pretty fish nonetheless
That's a great looking fish. If I were you, I'd try to breed it.
It might also be a goldfish/koi hybrid, they breed together readily.
7 years old 11 inches and it has no whiskers...its a goldie for sure
i got it from petland..weird but true:tongue: ....i think ur right aelysa, its a goldfish-koi hybrid only b/c it has burbles...yeah i forgot to mention that, it has barbles abt 1/2" long...its really hard to see in the pic cuz its so grainy...lemme see if i cud take a clearer picture...:tongue:
definatly a goldfish, but a great looking one, its fins look healthy =)
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