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weekly maintenance ei to a self semi

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I would like to have you guys input on my 55 gallon ei method. Tank journal can be found in my signature as chaos garden. Here is the detail of the tank right now:
- quad aquasun 2x6500, 1x 6700, 1x pink 9 hour a day
- inline heater at 79
- pressurized co2, yellowish in co2 indicator
- two sun sun canister, one 250 and one 350 (about) gph. Clean once or twice a month
- dosing EI plus weekly maintenance of 50-70% wc.
- dirted mogc subtrate
- heavily planted with stems
- almost balance ( as algae is at minimum in my opinion and all plants grow at a rapid rate)
- stocked with 7 rainbows, 2 gbr, 2 gold ram, 5 tetra and about 5-7 oto.
So ill have to leave the tank for 2 month and a half. Here is my plan before i leave as i have a month a head to prepare :
- turn co2 down to that indicator shows dark green
- lighting reduce from 9 to 8 then 7 week by week
- give away all the fish except oto
- dump all of my red cherry shrimps from the 10 gallon into the 55
- ask my friend to feed the shrimp once or twice a week as well as refill the evaporated water with bucket of 5 gallon. ( hopefully he remembers to use the de chlorine)
- turn heater down to 75.

All inputs will be appreciated.

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And a hardiest trim all the plants to ground before i leave too, but i got doubts about the plant mass change if i do so.

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