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I'm a newbie but have had enough success with my 40 gallon tank that I'm now obsessed and starting a small 10g planted tank for my office.

I'm open to suggestions, but am currently thinking about having galaxy rasbora, chili rasbora, and some shrimp. I also love dwarf pencilfish, but know I can't have too many fish in such a small tank. I'm wondering if there is a small algae-eater that might also fit in the tank?

Most importantly, I'm wondering what I should do for the weekends, since I won't be available to feed the fish. I've read that it is fine to leave fish for a few days without feeding, but is it ok to do that on such a regular schedule? I'm planning on feeding them new life spectrum flakes during the week. Also, I've heard that it is good to reduce light while you are away... should I do this on the weekend as well?

I've got the tank planted, but it's not ready for fish yet. I'm using AquaSoil Amazonia.

Thanks for any advice!

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