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Week long vacation... CO2 or no CO2?

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For spring break I'm going to do my usual thing and head over to Sam Houston National Forest. I'll be camping out in the less traveled spots, collecting insects by net during the day and by Hg vapor light at night. I've been running CO2 (paintball system) in my 20gal 24/7 since I can't be bothered to switch it off at night. I'll be gone for five days and I want to leave the lights off to nip a growing hair algae problem before it gets bad. Figured five days would be pretty good, but I'm wondering if I should shut off the CO2 during that time. I'm running 3bps at the moment, and I've got lots of red ludwigia, a partial carpet of HC, an amazon sword, hygro and moneywort. I am overstocked and only one of my fish is a labyrinth fish.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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