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Websites and Online Shopping

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What are some great websites and online sites that sell things related to shrimp? Such as RCS, live plants, aquariums that could be used for RCS, etc? My LFS is super small and I cannot find anything there.
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If you want live shrimp i recommend buying them from the swap n shop section of the forums. As for dry goods, there are plenty of good sites. Check out out our sponsors section.
Could you please post links you have used? Thanks!
We already told you to shop here man! Lol!

Try Speedie shrimps, H4N plants and supplements , they are awesome sellers. You won't find prices and service like anywhere like here in the forum.


If you are in NYC, consider looking in the regional forum to purchase livestock. Several people like gtu2004 sell shrimp. Pickup is always preferred over shipping and much easier to deal with especially when you're new in the hobby.

There's quite a few lfs that sell aquaria for shrimp. Again, the regional forum here is quite active unlike many of the other state sub forums. It's worth having a look. Good luck!
The forum has all the info you are looking for weather it's an online vendor or how much light, co2, ferts you need and how to keep shrimp. All it takes is some time to read through the wealth of info here. Try looking at the swap n shop here and the sponsors.
you don't have to buy special things just to raise RCS. virtually any aquarium and any plant will do. It all matters how you put it together.

If you're really having trouble actually finding the swap and shop here's the link.
Honestly, that's the best place. The forum search function is helpful.
Msjinkzd, one of the forum sponsors, has great shrimp. Here's her bit of the forum. She's in a good location for you, anywhere in New York.
I bought mosura mineral plus from him, great seller! :)
I bought shrimps from gtu with face trade everything is great experience.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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