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Ways to reduce serpae aggression- URGENT

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I need ways to help reduce my serpaes aggressive! Please comment!

Details About My Tank-

29 Gallon Tank, 2 White Driftwood, 8 plants, Blue Mixed Gravel, Canister Filter Cycles 30 gallons, Heated to 78 degrees farenheight, 6 turquoise danios (one extremely shy), 5 serpae tetras, 2 kuhli loaches, 1 bronze corycatfish, & 2 snail (unsure what kind)

I do a weekly water change, two feedings daily (one morning, one night), also have an algae cleaner.

Used to have 2 catfish- Chocolate & Vanilla. Was missing Chocolate- found his skeleton today. Pretty sure serpaes killed him. Vanilla gets bullied (hence my name) & has pretty bad nipped fins.

Already regretting getting serpaes cuz they were "pretty"

Would like to keep them since I love their color and are fun to watch but this behavior needs to stop (or at least get reduced)

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Your best option is putting in more serpae tetras. Most of the fin nipping fish behave better in bigger groups.
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not all fish get along. just a reality of the hobby...
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I'd bump the school to at least 11. They are not small tetras, so I'd probably keep them in a larger tank too.
Even with a larger school there will still be rough housing, a bit like teenage boys. But, it gets spread more evenly than when 4 fish decide the 5th fish is it.
Cories are social by nature and do better in groups of 6+ individuals. What kind of plants do you have? Are there enough breaks in line of sight between the fish if they want to get away? What type of catfish is Vanilla? Are there enough hiding spots for it?
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