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Waterbox 4820 Clear - The Great Outdoors (72g High Tech)

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EQUIPMENT (Updated 7/25/22 with final equipment list)

Aquarium: Waterbox 4820 Clear w/ White Stand. Black background.
Filtration: Fluval FX6 with spray bar mounted to the back glass panel.
Lighting: 48" ATI Sunpower 6x54w. Bulb combination will be Giesemann Flora/Tropic/Actinic/Powerveg633.
CO2: Pressurized CO2 with regulator from CO2 Art. CO2 will be injected into a 24" tall reactor I purchased from NilocG.
Temp Control: Inkbird controller with probe connected to a Finnex 500w titanium heater.
Fert Dosing: Jebao 4 port wifi dosing pump. Will be using the PPS Pro fertilizer method with daily dosing of macro/micro nutrients.
ATO: Magtool Optical hooked up to a 5g bucket below the tank in the stand.
Soil: UNS Controsoil 30L Normal, 30L Fine


Hello Everybody!

First post on this forum is to start a photo-journal of my new planted aquarium. I'm originally from the South Texas area, but now live in Boise, Idaho. I have always been a fan of the water, offshore fishing, diving, the outdoors and aquariums.

To start, I recently tore down my standard 75g African Cichlid Aquarium that was housed in our living room. I have kept African Cichlids for many years, and if you have ever kept an all male African Cichlid tank before, you know that "chaos" is a bit of an understatement. Here is the tank that I just tore down and sold:

Cabinetry Water Pet supply Fish Display case

Vertebrate Nature Water Purple Natural environment


Before I get started with equipment, the one stipulation from my wife was that the new tank must fit the theme of our kitchen, which is a shared space with the living room area where the new tank will be housed. The other design criteria is that the stand must be white:

Table Furniture Cabinetry Property Countertop

Another part of my inspiration for the hardscape is to recreate nature scenes and to make the tank look as natural as possible. I really like George Farmer's Aquascape in the below journal from UKAPS - HERE.

Other inspirational hardscapes that I plan on trying to recreate:
Plant Wood Branch Natural landscape Botany

Plant Plant community Natural landscape Terrestrial plant Grass
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The tank will be placed against the wall and floating bookshelves will be added around it once I get everything into place. The portrait is going to be removed and the tank will be the centerpiece of this wall.

Just found out the tank is going to be delivered in 1 week.

Brown Picture frame Property Furniture Wood

Here are a couple of pictures of my nano shrimp tank in my office. Just trimmed it WAY back as it was a bit of a jungle.

Table Computer desk Furniture Desk Computer keyboard

Water Plant Vertebrate Pet supply Vegetation

Plant Nature Natural environment Botany Terrestrial plant

Plant Terrestrial plant Organism Grass Biome

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Thank you for the warm welcome! I just purchased a regulator from co2 art and look forward to getting it installed.

Yesterday, my wife and boys made a bit of an impromptu 4th of July backpacking trip out into the Idaho outback. We were planning on hiking up to an alpine lake to do some fishing, but got blocked halfway up from snowpack. We settled on a bit of a primitive campspot and spent the night on the side of a mountain. It was a bit of an experience as there was a cool front that blew through during the night which led to 50mph gusts and a light rain. The sound of the wind blowing through the valley and up through the side of the mountain was quite the experience.

Sky Plant Cloud Plant community Mountain

On the way down I collected the rock I'm going to need for the tank. It's a mixture of granite and slate. I plan on boiling all the pieces to get rid of all the dirt and grime. I probably have way more than I can use, but it should allow for some great variety in putting together the hardscape.

Bedrock Cuisine Limestone Rock Pebble

I also purchased some of the equipment.

Lighting: I have an existing 48" Current USA LED light that I'm going to supplement with a 48" Hygger 75w LED light. The price was just too good on it and it has quite a few favorable reviews. I plan on building a floating canopy for these 2 lights above the tank and concealing all the power through the wall.

Filtration: I plan on reusing my FX6. I purchased a spray bar for this for increased surface agitation as well as CO2 distribution. I also purchased an inline 24" tall NilocG reactor that I'm going to run with the FX6. I plan on putting a black vinyl backing on the aquarium background so that I can hide the majority of the filtration and equipment.

CO2: I will be running a 5lb CO2 container with a CO2 Art Dual Stage Regulator.

Heating: I will be running an inkbird temperature controller with a 300w titanium heater element.

I'm starting to look into substrate choices. Lots of decisions to be made with this.

T-2 days until the tank gets delivered!

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Wow!!! nothing beats the freedom of wild camping and it sounds as if you got the full-on experience! go you!!

The rock you have collected all look pretty aquarium safe but once boiled, you can always just do a little test on them just to confirm they are suitable. (I'm pretty sure they are, but you want to get it right, right?)

Rather than me trying to explain the test, I found this on youtube which is clear and straight to the point.

When it comes to substrates, remember that you can layer your soils and gravels/sands so you can provide your plants with an aquasoil then place a thin layer of fine gravel or sand on top for aesthetic purposes, depending on the overall look of your aquarium. With the rocks you have shown, it would be pretty cool to see a mixture of different types of natural gravels, what were you thinking?

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Stand Assembly:

First off, it seems that the instructions are out of date for the 4820 as there were a number of extra parts - mainly the leveling feet - that were included in the parts box. The instructions show that there were extra holes for the feet, but there were not the same amount of holes drilled. Not a terribly big deal, just worth noting in case someone else is putting together this stand and is confused. One other tool that helped quite a bit were wood clamps. The wood pieces are a pretty tight fit and tightening the locks was often quite difficult due to pieces not being exactly perpendicular. The clamp helped a lot in getting everything tightened down. Another thing to note is that there were a few dings and nicks in the wood with some of the paint scratched. Overall, I'm about 95% pleased with this product up to this point.

I had a lot of help from my construction crew in putting things together!

Smile Wood Comfort Flooring Couch

Shorts Wood Flooring Floor Wood stain

Wood Floor Flooring Wood stain Wall

Also received was my regulator and accessories from @JohnCO2Art . Everything came extremely quick - definitely impressed with the product. I plan on going to a local welding accessory store to pick up my CO2 tank today.

Light Product Office equipment Font Material property

Excited to follow this! I just started a new journal for my own 4820.
Thanks for following! I just followed your build as well as it's almost identical!

Just received the 24" tall x 1" hose NilocG reactor. Holy smokes this thing is a beast. My FX6 will be powering it.

Gas Nickel Auto part Nozzle Pipe

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Spent some time this weekend on the tank and working on the plumbing/electrical. Black film on the back is an electrostatic blackout film I bought on Amazon. Fairly easy to get it on with enough water. The tank was fairly easy to get on the stand with enough muscle, although I need to shift it over a bit more just due to it not being exactly even on the leveling pad.

I also spent quite a bit of time on mounting the NilocG reactor and plumbing the FX6 up to it. The FX6 hoses were too short from my previous build and I had to buy a new set. The hose going from the FX6 to the inlet of the reactor is clear silicone from Amazon.

I’m headed out of town for work for awhile, so progress will probably come to a bit of a halt until I get done with work. I’m still pondering possibly buying a T5 fixture and seeing how well that works compared to the budget LEDs I purchased. I also need to purchase the auto doser, which will dose macros/micros/ATO.

Automotive design Shelving Gas Machine Electrical wiring

Musical instrument Wood Interior design Building Flooring

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Also received was my regulator and accessories from @JohnCO2Art . Everything came extremely quick - definitely impressed with the product. I plan on going to a local welding accessory store to pick up my CO2 tank today.

View attachment 1044905

Hey, If only IKEA made aquarium cabinets right? Glad everything arrived. If you have any issues during install, don't hesitate to jump onto our support portal. We have someone available almost round the clock so happy to help out anytime.

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Been away at work commissioning a new system for Capri Sun. If you have kids, be on the lookout for something good in the next couple of months!

While I was gone, I made a couple more purchases.

Decided to go with a 48" ATI Sunpower 6 bulb T5 fixture. The Hygger fixture just wasn't going to cut it. I would rather be 100% happy with the light prior to starting up than limping along and wondering why I'm not getting results. Going to use a mixture of Giesemann Tropic, Flora, Actinic and a Powerveg 660. Should be a good mix across the spectrum.

Going to use a Jebao 4 port wifi doser. I am also going to use dry fertilizers and the PPS Pro method. I travel quite a bit for work and want this to be fairly autopilot.

Found a nice laser unit on Amazon that I'm going to plumb into a 5 gallon bucket. Laser sensor will go on the back of the aquarium.

Decided to use UNS Controsoil. Purchased 30L of normal size and 30L of the fine size.

I plan on getting all of this hooked up in the upcoming couple of weeks and hopefully have a hardscape done soon as well.

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Got some good news and some bad news...

Bad news: The ATI Sunpower Fixture is backordered until end of August.
Good news: I have the Hygger LED fixture that I bought a few weeks ago that will suffice until the T5 fixture comes in.

After a long work hiatus, I was able to get some work on the tank today.

Got the Jebao auto doser installed. I bought a bracket for it on Etsy and it fits like a glove. I mounted it over my FX6 in the cabinet. From everything that I have read they are a breeze to setup and calibrate. For under $100, this is an incredible bargain. Hopefully it lasts awhile.

Automotive design Automotive lighting Gas Auto part Plumbing fixture

I also purchased a coarse sponge pre-filter for my FX6 inlet from aquariumdepot. I plan on keeping shrimp in this tank, so hopefully this keeps the amount being sucked into the FX6 to a minimum.

I was able to start my hard scape today as well. First thing was to put down a large base of lava rock.

Rectangle Natural material Material property Gas Composite material

I'm going for a triangular nature style aquascape. I purchased 2 spiderwood pieces and I had another piece from a previous tank I set up. Please tear this to shreds! I feel that the rock structure needs some work. I built up the right side to about 2 inches below the inlet with controsoil. I have another couple bags of soil that I can use to fill in gaps. I also have quite a few smaller pieces of rock that I can use as accent pieces. First go and a couple martinis - roast me!

Vertebrate Fluid Rectangle Art Wood

I'm going to keep messing with this hardscape until I feel it's just right. Next step is going to start looking at plant selections!

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It‘s ALIVE! Had some help tonight filling it up. While I wait for the ATI fixture to get in, I’m going to fully cycle the tank and iron out all the kinks. Settled on the hardscape, but it was more to just get the cycle going and waterlog the wood. I plan on cycling for the next month or so. I have another work trip in mid August, and the final plant will probably need to wait until after I get back.

Shorts Wood Gas Rectangle Flooring

Rectangle Wood Gas Art Glass

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Day 4 (Cycling)

Tank is definitely going through it's ugly stage. The wood is growing the typical fungus and I have a substantial bacteria bloom going on, with quite a bit of it on the water surface. It's a lovely snot brown color.

Current testing:
pH: 6.5
Ammonia: 2ppm
Nitrite: 0ppm
Nitrate: 0ppm

I have been adding seachem stability on a daily basis to try and kickstart more of the beneficial bacteria. Hopefully in the next 2-3 days I will start to see some of the ammonia being consumed.

Water Plant Organism Wood Underwater

Water Fluid Hood Rectangle Automotive exterior

Water Liquid Wood Vehicle door Automotive exterior

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DAY 7 (Planting!)

I have been dosing with Stability for about a week now and the bacteria bloom from earlier has completely dissipated. I did a 90% WC yesterday and decided that I was going to get the initial plants in! My LFS carries a semi-decent selection of plants, so I jumped in and made the purchase.

Water Rectangle Pet supply Organism Fluid

Plant list so far:
Micranthemum 'Monte Carlo'
Eleocharis montevidensis (Giant Hair grass)
Hydrocotyle Tripartita
Bacopa Monnieri
Rotala Mexicana
Alternanthera Reineckii Green
Alternanthera Reineckii Mini Green
Anubias Barteri (Unsure of the varieties)
Lilaeopsis Novaezelandiae (Micro Swords)
Echinodorus Ozelot Narrow Mini

On Order:
Anubias Nana Petite
Rotala Rotundifolia Orange Juice
Ludwigia Natans Super Red
Alternanthera Reineckii 'Mini' Red
Lilaeopsis Novaezelandiae (Micro Swords)
Dwarf Hair Grass
Hydrocotyle Tripartita

Animal List:
15x Nerite Snails

The foreground is going to be a carpet of montecarlo/dwarf hair grass/micro swords. The blank space in the front left is where the mixture of microswords/dwarf hair grass will be once I get them in The epiphytes are going to be glued in and around the wood/rocks. Stem plants are in the back as well as the giant hair grass. I'm currently lighting this with the Hygger 72W LED I purchased a few weeks ago with an 8 hour photoperiod (Noon-8PM). The 6 bulb T5 ATI Sunpower fixture should be in within the next ~2 weeks. CO2 is running at 3-4 BPS 1 hour prior to photoperiod, and shutoff at end of photoperiod. I'm daily dosing PPS pro solution of 8mL macro and 4mL micro. Once I get the T5 fixture in, I will double the dosing of the liquid fertilizers.

The CO2 reactor that I purchased from NilocG has been doing an amazing job of dissolving the CO2. The bubbles on the glass are from the water change. I also have a FX6 spray bar across 3/4 of the back glass and it distributes the flow across the whole tank. It's ALMOST too much flow as it has been uprooting some of the monte carlo. The inkbird temp controller keeps the tank at +/- 0.5 degrees of 76 deg. F.

Thanks for looking!

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Day 11 (Final Planting)

The red plants make all the difference in the hardscape! I also gutted my nano office shrimp tank and used quite a bit of the plants I had in there. That included some Val's, Swords and some mini swords. Only piece of hardware that I have left is the ATI fixture. The Hygger light is doing surprisingly well for how little I paid for it.

Up next is figuring out the rest of the livestock!

Musical instrument Water Green Pet supply Plant

Plant Plant community Window Natural environment Natural landscape

Water Light Green Plant Rectangle

Second - here is a picture of the new office tank. I styled it on a Brazilian hardscape. Tough to do with so little room, but I think it came out well. I didn't realize I had as much Monte Carlo and hairgrass that I did as it had spread into the jungle from my last scape. I spread all the hairgrass across the substrate and I superglued the monte carlo mats to the rocks. I also removed all the junk substrate I was using before, and replaced it with some of the controsoil that I had leftover.

Green Pet supply Organism Grass Rectangle
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