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What's up fish fam! I'm doing this journal to document my aquatic adventures. It's not a single tank but will be a multi tank thread. Yesterday I bought a heavy duty shelf at 50% for black friday sale. It's 5x 36"x18" shelves rated at 1000 lbs capacity each shelf. The MTS is hitting hard and my better half said she would rather me have everything contained to one small area of the house as opposed to tanks everywhere so this shelf is the perfect solution. :grin2: Plus it is going to save me a ton of money as compared to buying stands and saving me the hassle of DIY and it also looks better. In theory I could fit 4x 40 breeders on this shelf unit if I wanted to and it only cost me 70 CAD!!

As for now I only have 1 aquarium running. A 20 long that has been going for close to 4 years in an ultra low tech state with Cherry Barbs and White Cloud Mountain Minnow's. It had just 2 air driven breeder sponges until I bought a HOB style filter for it a couple weeks ago. No heater. I would like to eventually upgrade the light and add some moss and crypts to the 20 long and make it beautiful again after neglecting it for so long. So I bought a bunch of Malyasian drift wood to re-scape it. And I'm currently hunting for the rocks..... not trying to pay $8-10 per kg at the LFS. Maybe hit up some landscape supply yards this weekend.

But I'd also like to set up a little shrimping operation. They have some beautiful yellow sakura shrimp at one of the LFS that I've fallen in love with. So I'm thinking of grabbing a couple of 5, 10 or 15 gallon tanks and simply plopping the breeder sponge filters in there for an instant cycle. I'd like to keep a colony of reds and/or blues as well and if successful with any of those I'll try my hand at a higher difficulty species like black crystal shrimp.

This project is going to be a long and slow process but I intend to update as regularly as I can. -with any changes or new items acquired.

For now a couple pictures of the 20 long in it's current state. I kind of just plopped the wood in there for now. It's not really an attempt at aquascape.


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