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Water Wisteria

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Hey all. Quick question about a month or so ago I bought some water wisteria form a LFS and it isn't growing at all. I have hornwort, amazons, and anubias and they all are growing well but of my wisteria? Any One have n e ideas? My tank specs are it's an 12 gallon high hexagon. Liquid ferts were my and I have the tank lit for about 5 to 6 hours a day.
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Amazon swords in 12g hex ...?
Without pictures, etc I can only guess that the wisteria could use more food.
Post a tank picture of your setup with a quick description.

If the plant leaves are a very light green it could use some iron or just a root tab, but it's not necessarily in bad shape.

If wisteria leaves are yellow or brown melting, it's not getting carbon or lights.
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