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Water Wisteria Stems Turning Brown

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Hey guys, I just noticed my water wisteria stems are turning a tee brown, one stem was really brown and I just tossed it but another is browning as well. I recently trimmed it so could that be the problem? Furthermore these cloudy orbs are in my aquarium and I'm wondering if there's anyway to save the wisteria. I dose excel and flourish, please let me know thanks.
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So just leave the plant in? Even though the stem is turning brown bottom up? It has no leaves on that particular stem
Cut the stem off at the sub, you do have the crown at the base of the roots exposed right?

As long as there is a new shoot starting it should rebound, mine always do. I'Ve move mine around a bit and it seems like every time I do I deal with the same problem and end up trimming way down, but it's always bounced back.
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