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Water Wisteria Stems Turning Brown

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Hey guys, I just noticed my water wisteria stems are turning a tee brown, one stem was really brown and I just tossed it but another is browning as well. I recently trimmed it so could that be the problem? Furthermore these cloudy orbs are in my aquarium and I'm wondering if there's anyway to save the wisteria. I dose excel and flourish, please let me know thanks.
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Wisteria doesn't have a crown. The roots also have no need to be exposed.

DesignZ, what you have is a cutting or of wisteria that has too much stem still on it. Cut the browning part off just below where the roots are coming out. That bottom part is rotting because it is below the roots and therefore has no nutrient uptake.

Reread all the posts and see that these are not new plants. My suggestion still applies: cut off the stem just below some roots. Remove the old section of rotting stem. Replant top of plant.
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