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Water Wisteria questions

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Hello, I went to petco a few hours ago with the intention to get some water sprite, but ended up twisting up my words and bought water wisteria instead. I hadn't realized it until I was 20 mins away. Anyhoo, I have a few questions about it.

1) Will liquid fertilizer work? I bought some about 1 1/2 weeks ago when I bought my first live plant(an amazon sword), and I don't really want to buy soil substrate unless I really have to.

2) From the pictures I've seen, my plant doesn't look anything like water wisteria. I heard sometimes it frowns differently when in lower light, could that be the case?(I'm not sure where pics show up on this website but I attached some)

3) A very little bit of the plant is out of water, is that fine or does it need to be trimmed? If it needs to be trimmed, how would I go about doing that?


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You can let it grow out of the water,most of it sold is grown that way.The leaves on yours look like they've been grown emersed.The suberged leaves look a lot different with Wisteria.Once it gets established,it's one of the fastest growing plants,and very easy to grow.I trim mine to keep it below water.

When you say you use liquid ferts,are you using macros and micros?What kind of liquid ferts are you using?
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