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Water Wisteria issues

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I bought some Water Wisteria three or four weeks ago, and it looked awesome for the first two weeks, but now it's awful. I have a divided 10 gallon tank for my 3 bettas and I put a few sprigs of it in each part. They didn't really have many roots, so I used the weights they wrap them in at the store to keep them on the bottom until they rooted. They started growing roots pretty quickly. But then the leaves started turning brown and falling off. I did read that it might happen because oftentimes the aquatic plants are grown with their leaves above the water so Water Wisteria actually grows a different type of leaf and then it often looses leaves to grow the more typical leaves once underwater (it had broad leaves when I bought it). And then I noticed that a lot of the stems were rotting at the bottoms, I had shoved them in the gravel or wrapped the bottom in the weights, as I said, and the parts that had been wrapped were brown and mushy. There were a lot of roots beginning to grow at the section just above so in most cases I just removed the icky part at the bottom. I didn't think it would rot from being in the substrate, though... Anyway, now they're all floating in order to grow roots. Do I have to make sure to not plant them too deep into the substrate? I did have to throw away about a third of what I had because almost the entire stem was rotted. The remaining ones are still loosing leaves. There's a little pile of them in the corner of the section where the filter is because the filter keeps blowing the dead ones off the plants that are still standing.
Anyway, my tank looks kind of stupid right now with floating wisteria. Also my other plants have brown algae on them. I've heard nerite snails will eat algae, but I can't seem to find them. Petco and Petsmart don't carry them in the store. The Petco website always says they're out of stock, and I asked about them at a local fish store and the guy stared at me blankly. :icon_roll
Anyway, advice is greatly appreciated (on the wisteria and also the algae/snail thing) TIA!
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Mine had thebroad leafs and some diedbut when it started the spout some new growth the new leave where the leave you exspect to see on WW I trim off any dead leaves and it started sprouting new one where the old one where.
Do you have any root tabs in the substrate?
Are you dosing the tank?
What light do you have on it and how long is it running?
The wisteria I have grows like a weed. The bigger leaves mean it's not getting too much light, I'm not too sure on that though.
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