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I have a 20g tank for my shrimps ...
few days ago, I decided to take out 25% of the water and replaced with with RO water .... NEXT day, the water became cloudy ... I got panic and took out like 5g of water and put in another 5g of RO water. The water before that was all tap water .. slightly hard ... ph around 6.8 ...

So I tried to use a filter from an older tank so it could put more beneficial bateria back into the tank .. but so far, the tank water still white cloudy .. nothing change in parameter and the shrimps seem to be doing fine .. no casualty ...

NOW my questions are
- is there a way to fix the cloudy water or do I have to wait it out for it to become clear again ???
- Will the shrimps be ok in there ??? so far they seem to be ok ...
- Did I upset the balance in the tank by changing too much water ???
- anything to do to help remedy the problems ???

Pliz advise

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Is it a new set up? White cloudiness is usually a harmless bacterial bloom that goes away on it's own. If it turns green it's floating diatom algae commonly called green water, that too usually goes away over time or you can black out the tank for a few days, or run a UV sterilizer to kill it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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