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Water Sprite rotting away from the bottom

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I bought a group of water sprite floating. I then buried the group about 1" into the substrate. The leaves on the bottom are rotting away, but at the top of some of them there is fresh good looking growth. Do you think the leaves were rotting away because the stems were to close together?
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I got some pictures of some of the plants with the problems. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.

My test kit shows 20ppm of nitrate. I would assume phosphate is low, because I feed very little. There are only 6 oto cats in the tank so I let them eat naturally for the most part. I am not sure how I would have any potassium, so I am assuming that is the biggest deficiency. What should I look for the find the city water parameters? Is it worth buying a phosphate test kit?

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My water sprite grew very good for about 1 month then I started running into deficiencies w it and w my other plants. I think mainly it is pottassium deficiency because it's mainly brown spots. However, I did receive my ferts today and can't wait to start dosing tomorow. I know it is going to take a while for them to come back but it will be worth it. I also have to throw some more plants in my tank and I really need some moss or some kind of carpet plant.
Well I just found out that the tank most of these plants came from had high iron, so I think that explains them showing an iron deficiency now. I would imagine they will adapt to my lower iron levels.

As for the other deficiency I am going to guess it is potassium, but i'm not sure. I see small patches of green algae growing on the glass. Does that help?
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