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I'm starting to see (what I believe to be) the effects of using just softened water. A tank setup last year in September was fine for months as the plants grew in but now I have a pretty full tank of plants eating up nutrients. I dose EI but I started seeing leaves that are curling up and in others twisting and just looking plain deformed. From my research and suggestions here from others it would appear to be a calcium deficiency from soft water. I can see some improvement adding natural sources of calcium to the tank. I am in a new house (little over a year) so I'm still figuring out my water and sources are softened. Now that it's warming up I need to start testing taps to find out where I can get untreated water to mix in.

Your "option A" readings are higher than what I measured in my tank...but my measurements where not directly from the tap. From what I experienced I would say you could do all changes using option A to start, if you start seeing what you think is an issue just starting topping off or mixing in some of the un-softened water. -Of course what fish you end up keeping may also drive what your hardness range should be...
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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