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Water question.

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I'm reading about water requirements and I 've read "tap water top offs"....
I have a r/o unit I've used with my reefs and piranha tanks but r/o isn't good for the planted tanks...anyhow my question is are people using straight tap water or are they using tap water with "prime", "amquel" or some other water conditioner?
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If I top off between water changes I do it with RO.
definitely dechlorinated tap water (i.e. treated with Prime or similar water conditioner as you mentioned). There are definitely folks on here that use R/O water though but I believe they "add stuff back" to it (as you would add salt to R/O for a marine tank). I personally don't use it though so I don't know all the details. :thumbsup:
K cool that answered my question. I just wanted to make sure cause I kept seeing phrases like "tap water top off's".
If you use tap water for your tank, you can use tap water for top offs, providing you do big water changes every few months. Otherwise it is possible to build up a lot of KH and GH in the tank. Obviously it depends on how fast your tank water evaporates. And, if you add more than 10-15% of the tank volume, or something like that, treating with Prime or equivalent is essential.
treating with Prime or equivalent is essential.
IF your on a central water system that is. If your on a well supplied (untreated) system then no need to dechlorinate your tap.:hihi:
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