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Sorry for the lengthy post.

I have a 100 gallon tank and am using a Hagen Master Test Kit received about four weeks ago. I cannot find an expiration date on the reagents (only lot numbers).

1. Would you expect to see some level of Ammonia, Nitrite, or Nitrate. The tests are all below the bottom of the scale.
2. Does the elevated temperature (86 F) affect the tests?
3. Does anyone know how to decode lot information from Hagen (Nutrafin) So I can determine if the reagents are fresh?
4. How long are the reagents OK to be used?

My water conditions are (15% changed one week ago):
PH: 7.2
KH: 60
GH: 160
Ammonia: 0 mg/L
Nitrite: < .1 mg/L
Nitrate: < 5 mg/L
Filter is an external canister and I run a magnum 350 (micron filter) for a few hours every two or three days.
CO2 1.8 BPS from a pressurized cylinder
Substrate: Aquarium gravel - nothing special
Fertilizer: Tetra Plant InitialSticks used lightly immediately below the roots of the plants one time every three months.
Other: Tetra AquaSafe and Tetra Blackwater during water additions or changes.
Food: Frozen Blood Worms 1x daily- gone in 60 seconds :)

The tank is lightly planted, 7 discus and 8-10 other assorted small fish. Plants look good and are growing slowly. There is very little unwanted algae growth on the glass. Water change is roughly about 15% every two weeks, gravel is cleaned at the same time.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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