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Water parameters on new tank

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2 months now since I set up a new tank... its a 33g with a 65w coralife yeast style c02 and eco complete... stuffed with plants and fish 1 angel 1 pleco 2 ottos 5 ammano's 5 cherries a couple of ghost shrimp no algae problems to speak of... but had some troubling results on last nights tests I was wondering if anyone can tell me if I may have a problem especially with PH? I did a 25% water change since... attached is a chart


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What happened before 10/16? Looks like you added ferts or something else that dissolves (like limestone rock) to raise GH and KH that quickly.

Otherwise I don't see a problem. Higher KH = higher pH (for same level of dissolved CO2).
thanks... glad to hear that im ok... the GH and KH rise was because I wasn't testing them... should have pointed that out...
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