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Water movement

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I have a feeling my water is moving too much here i made a video of it can you pls help me this is too much movement or is this ok, because i am worried when i get more plats it will all lean one way

And would it be safe to take the trim off your tank...?
(i know quality of video is not too good
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As you pack more plants in, the flow will drop. :)

How big is the tank? The problem with taking the trim off is that the glass underneath can be irregular and sharp and might cut you.
Nooblet, thats quite a bit of flow. Probabaly more tham you need. I think if you put stems in there not only will they lean, but you might even have trouble keeping them in the substrate at all. Is the output on your filter adjustable?

As far as the trim is concerned, some believe the safety is related to the size of the aquarium. Keep in mind however, that the top of the glass is not "finished" amd may have a rough/sharp edge to it.
ooooo i just might take that thing off because it is a little too much but when i do take it off i don't have enough so i might take that off and get a power head
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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