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Water Flow Frenzy

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I Just Went From A45 Gal Pentagam To A Rectangular One I Am Running A Fluval 304. This Is Also Going To Be Aplanted Tank Diy Co2 .drilled Hole In Spray Bar 2 Inches Frm End & Installed Elbow Inside Tube With About 3" Of Tubing & Small Airstone. I Mounted Spray Bar Horizontaly From The Middle Towards 1 End With The Spray Bar Holes On About A 20 Degree Angle Just Below Surface.
Havent Started Co2 Yet. Want To Get Filter Flow Right First.
Anybody Got Ideas?
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Iwent To A 65 Gal Tank-- Oops
Yes its at the back of the tank. The outlet is at the other end on the back near the corner
I Believe If You Do All Caps The Forum Corrects It To First Letter Capitalized, Which Is What I Am Doing Now.

I think you should be fine, keep plenty of water flow but keep surface agitation to a minimum to keep the CO2 in.

I have a 55 gal long and and I had just a 304 on it with a vertical spray bar and my flow was decent. I had have inline a heater, venturi, pH probe and the flow was still moderate. So I put spray bar in the left corner facing forward at about 35* and put the the intake just to the right of it and left all that setup on the 304 with and used sparing amounts of bio balls and bio max in the baskets the keep the flow up. Then once I had the cash I put in a 305 and put the intake in the right corner, made another vertical spray bar and aimed it straight across the back just to the left of the intake. I couldn't be any happier with the "whirlpool" results I'm getting. I am running pressurized Co2 but I should would just as well to evenly disperse through the WC. When my Co2 comes on and the fine mist comes out you can see just how well the water is turning in the tank.
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