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Water Conditioner in Plant-Only Tank?

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I've been lurking here a while, I've always had tanks with one or two plant in them at most, and wanted to take a different route with a new nano tank. I'm planning to keep it entirely plant-only, with no fish at all, at least not for a while. I'm wondering if I still need to use dechlorinator (such as Prime) even though there will be no livestock? is chlorine or anything else that's in tap water harmful to plants?
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I've got a PUR water filter on my sink. I fill up a couple gallon jugs with filtered water. It takes out the chlorine. It also makes tap water actually taste good to drink...

Plus, I have jugs of water for emergency use.

[Had a water-main break a few blocks down the road about 2 weeks ago.]
I do not think there is a need for dechlor in plant only tank, though many years ago (When chlorine was in the water, not chloramine) it was suggested that you age the water to get rid of chlorine for African Violets, carnivorous plants and some other delicate house plants.

Dechlor will not hurt the plants, it might help.
Plants dont like chlorine, probably almost as much as fish. Id use a dechlor, though you could skip the expensive prime and just do a standard dechlornator as the primes main benefit is for the fish.
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