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Water circulation poor

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My 125 gal tank is 76" inches long.
It is evident that I don't have enough water current to keep the floating diatoms suspended for the filters to suck them in. The diatoms then fall to the bottom or rest on many of the plants. It's ugly, and I suck quite a bit every week.
Have 2 spray bars with moderate water pressure coming from 2 Eheims 2217 (classics). Each spray bar pushes water about 3-4 inches to until about 12 inches away,with diminishing force. The plants at the opposite end of the tank and current get specially loaded with these diatoms.

To simply add a pulsating power pump would be the obvious but, which one, what size, where in tank?
Have anyone with similar solved this problem and how?

1 - 3 of 3 Posts two of the 50 would work awsome if placed correctly put them about 6" away from the gravel and point them at the filter intake.
I have a 125 gallon tank (72") as well. I use 2 filters, with spray bars and 2 Zoomed Powersweep powerheads (Model #228) that help with the flow. Here's an old photo of what it looks like...

The red arrow is the direction of the spray bar from my FilStar XP3.

The Yellow arrow is the direction of the spray bar from my Eheim Pro II 2128.

The purple arrows are the directions of the powerheads. The powersweep flow in a sweeping, left to right direction.

All of the detritus gets pushed over to the left side, where the intakes are at. BTW, the intake in the middle, back tank has been moved over to the left along with the other intake.
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