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"The water change flushes the tank with lots of fresh CO2 rich tap water.
This one time flux once a week favors the Algae, BBA likes slightly higher CO2ppms, around 5-10ppm seem optimal and flowing water."

It all depends on the source water. Some city water had hardly any CO2 in it (just atmospheric). Well water to a single dwelling can have an excess. In any case: for a non-CO2 fed tank, any CO2 in excess of atmospheric CO2
will be gone within 24 hrs. It usually will not help the plants at all... not enough quantity and not enough time to do any good. I have run a 150g low-light setup for almost 40 yrs (30-50% water changes 2x a year, 14 hrs of light/day, NO filtration, light/medium bio-load) and have never had a problem with any type algae except a little greenspot algae on the glass right below the light.

"The first month I setup this tank I do have a problem with mostly hair algae. Then when plants start to take over the tank the algae are under control ( I mean they are still in the tank here and there). From the time I setup this tank I do my water change about 80% once a week "

As long as you do 80% water changes a week... you will ALWAYS have hair algae. You are feeding it with all the micronutrients in the new water. Do a 20% water change per month and you will end up starving the hair algae.
Result: no more hair algae...
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