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I have my planted 5-gal. tank for 2 years now and I do water change every week. I got no problem with BBA outbreak.

The first month I setup this tank I do have a problem with mostly hair algae. Then when plants start to take over the tank the algae are under control ( I mean they are still in the tank here and there). From the time I setup this tank I do my water change about 80% once a week (I know it seem a lot). However, I never completely clean the tank ( I just try to get dead plant leaves and fish waste out of the tank as much as I can, scrub the front glass but, I never scrub the back of the tank where algae grow ).

I have 2 Ottos and 1 Dwarf puffer. I planted very heavy with, Rotala rotundifolia, Egria densa, Hornwort, Echinodorus tenellus, Nymphaea lotus, and java moss. For the substrate I have 1/2" Potting soil with gravel on top. I have HOB filter with filter media and no active carbon. No CO2 add to the tank.

Most people may be have success with small tank and no water change at all. But, I like to do water change for my tank. My Ottos seem to be very happy when I do my water change and they seem more active and swim around like crazy (some people say the same thing with red cherry shrimp).

Nutrients that dissolve in the water that came from substrate, fish food and waste are concentrate overtime. In the small tank like mine, I think it is better to do a water change more often than the larger tanks that more stable and have more plants load which do not require or less water change.

I believe doing water change will never do any harm to your fish, plants, and tank's ecosystem; in the other hand it is more benefit as long as you treat your tap water before add to the tank.

What is anybody opinion on this?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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