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So my plants have taken over the universe. I did a LOT of research to pick a good plant/light/fert combo, and it seems like I did a pretty good job because many of the plants have just exploded with growth. I know lots of plants are great, but it's to the point where I can barely see the fish sometimes, plus the taller ones are now leaning over and creating a lot of shade.

Just so I have it all straight, is this all correct?

--Ludwigia - can be trimmed at any point and the tops just replanted.
--Water wisteria - can be trimmed at any point and the tops just replanted.
--Water sprite - cannot be trimmed and reproduces by adventitious plantlets.
--Bacopa monerii - can be trimmed at any point and the tops just replanted
--Swords - obviously can't be trimmed - can they be divided at the root? Also, can this be grown emergent?

As for doing a minor rescape - Iare there any special tools you use or does just use their hands/arms? My tank is super deep, so I'm literally up to my armpit when I'm planting anything.

And a question about water changes - I have just been letting the tall plants flop over during the water change because what else can you do but then they get tangled in each other, and I'm constantly having to untangle and straighten after a change. Is this just par for the course? I have other planted tanks, but my largest tank aside from this one is only 10G so it's easy.

Tank progression. You can see the jungle in the video at the end.

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