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water change question

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how often would i need to do a water change on a 10 gallon bare bottum cherry tank... it will be a super low tech tank and i will use a aquaclear 20 for the filter.

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I wouldn't use a HOB filter. You might suck up shrimplets. I'm using a sponge filter rated for a 20g tank. It's been half a year and I haven't cleaned it yet.
It depends on how many shrimp will be in it. If you have like 80 shrimp in there, I would do a 50% water change every week.
I do not recommend having a bare bottom tank. I would have about 1/2" of gravel in there.

30% water change weekly is fine. You can use a HOB filter but I recommend getting a sponge pre-filter for it. Check out for prefilter sponges. I have HOB filters on 3 of my tanks with sponge prefilters.

I'm using a HOB filter Tetratec PF150 with the heater module and sponge pre-filter. Bare bottom 10g but loaded with plants. Its kind of a plant holding/shrimp tank. I change about 30% weekly also. I don't have a high shrimp load in this tank maybe 20-30 total.
i would definalty have a spounge or a stocking over the filter intake...

why would you recomend no bare bottum
A sponge prefilter works like a charm. I have the tiniest baby cherry shrimp eating off of it with the filter on full blast while I see particles being sucked in.

But I can't say much for bigger, stronger filters. It might suck in everything through a sponge.
i have a fluval 205 with a stocking right now on a 15 gallon tank.. and i had millions of cherrys... but then i added my rosaboras and just slwoly watched them disapear
.. hahaha

thats why i was thinkg about starting a 10 gall cherry tank... just so i can have a ample supply to keep topping up my other tanks
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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