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Water Cabbage(Samolus parviflorus)

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I cant find much info on this plant. If anyone has a site with alot(and I mean just want to die from reading alot) of info can you post. The only thing I got on this plant was that its hard(?) to keep. So any help would be appreciated

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I don't think it is that hard to keep. Been growing it for years. Originally grew it in just plain gravel with various root tabs under very bright light 5wpg. Now growing it in a larger tank with Eco-Complete and T5HOs around 2.5wpg.
Water parameters: GH:8 KH:3 PH:6 Temp. 75. Fertilizing using EI method. CO2 helps but not really necessary. The most important factor I think is feeding it's roots and lighting. Under lower lighting or when stressed it no longer "spreads out" but grows vertically and turns almost into a stem plant with new plants growing at each intersection. When that happens just divide it with a sharp knife or scissors and you don't have to be gentle. This isn't really a delicate plant. If there are a few roots on whatever you are sticking back into the gravel, it will grow. One final note, you might try looking up Samolus Valerandi. S. Parviflorus I believe is a synonym. Hope this helps.
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try Samolus valerandi

that seems to be a more commonly accepted name.

Good luck J.
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