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wat other hobbies r u guys into?

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Im an rc nitro truckguy! I go and race mine or bash it!:thumbsup:
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I am an avid fly fisherman and I shoot competitively
Im an rc nitro truckguy! I go and race mine or bash it!:thumbsup:
my friends brother is a professional RC racer, he's pretty good from what i hear

Im into computers and majoring in CSE at Ohio State...
Whats the professional rc racer's name?....I race 1/8th on-road scale comp for a few years and gave it a break last year but I still do go to the big races.

Im not sure of his first name but his last name is Hinderliter, I grew up with his younger brother.
I'm like a professional "hobby guy". I try many and pursue the ones I really enjoy.

Fly fishing and photography are the two I have participated in for 25 plus years.

I really enjoy target shooting and reloading for my 45 's and 9mm's.

Self taught silversmith, make custom silver jewelery. Dig and polish a lot of the stones I set in the jewelry.

I dabble in a few others. When the wife and kids came along it really cut into the playtime!
Well, I have played bass guitar for 25 years. I have been into model rockets since I was 5, so that would be 34 years. I also am into pistol and rifle shooting.
i scuba dive on the side and do web/graphic design when i have time ... currently working full time and night time law school.. so time for my hobbies (including planted tanks) is very limited :(
Im into computers and majoring in CSE at Ohio State...


I play in a metal band:
I also snowboard and overclock computers with watercooling, Game etc.
shaolin kung fu. i was trained at the shaolin temple. but then i broke both of them so now i only teach. *tears*
Orchids, Bonsai, & :)

Mr. Smiley



12 gal NC DX

90 gal AGA
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OMFG I HATE YOU! *sigh* my mom pretty much made me give away all my pets(even fishes) at one point, and she only has let me get more fishes, and nothing else. I had(at different point of times), 2 german shepherds(1 got sick, the other was too big for newborn in the house), 1 mutt(another newborn around the house -_-), 1 chihuahua which gave birth to about 6 more. Gave away all except 2, which both died about 2 years ago. Got a husky/shepherd mix from humane society(omfg he was so cute with brown and blue eyes :() while my mom was on vacation(dad approved it, mom sorta did), but mom came back and said to bring it back -_- I've also had lovebirds etc, which my mom made me give away, or they've flown away(not too much though).

I want a puppy now :( I hate you

Sorta learning guitar
Airsoft(not that often anymore though)
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Well ....when you are an old woman like can have whatever you want. The trade off is~ you are old.:)
Lol, I guess. Maybe when I move into my own house(apartment? then no doggie!D:). Living on this rock does have a lot of disadvantages though, one being a lot of animals are prohibited.
fly fishing, fly tying
camping, hunting, shooting sports
4 wheeling
landscaping and home design
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