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Wanted : Talented Aquascapers :::mockup added! in first post:::

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Hey, I have a new project for the aquascaping community!
The basic premise is a book, a book of aquascapes
rather like takashi amanos books; nature aquarium world. However this book will SHOWCASE all of YOUR work and it will INSTRUCT
the book will be NON-PROFIT and everyone who contributes will get a copy

If you feel you have something to contribute, please pm me with your msn or email address

Everyone is welcome to contribute! from newbs to pros!

thanks in advance, Felix

I have done a mockup of a page layout
please note this is purely spurious and i used stevens pictures cos they are so great!

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You are looking for pictures of our scapes ? List of what is planted , maintenance etc... what exactly?
of course if you are assembling these submissions for a web sight
instead of a physical booklet, that would lower your costs a lot,
but there are already tons of forum and contest web sights doing it
including PTF, so doing yet another one also seems pointless.

Felix, if you want people to take this seriously
you really need to refine your idea a lot more
and possible get a corporate sponsor too.
an angel you can try is assembling unconventional
tank layouts that still have strong aesthetics, as
they are often overlooked by aquatic contests.
here is the basic layout, each scape will take up 4 pages
first double spread:
one large picture of scape, and some macros plus a little about the scape
then over the page you have a visual planting guide, details and some tips on how the artist made the scape

if you had read my post, you would see that this is non profit and everyone who contributes gets a free copy

I probably should have mentioned before that my father is CEO of a publishing company, after we have gathered say, 5 scapes and ive layed it all out. i will present it to him and he should help me take it further(but he is difficult to please)

if my dad doesnt like it, we will go to plan B, which is to put it in a pdf and sell it off a website, if i do plan b it will be 100% profit and will be shared equally
as an additional note from everyone that applies, i will whittle it down to about 20-25 scapes
lol did u say aquascaper ? or talented aquascaper ? cool idea if i had a decent scape i would send it to you but all of mine have algae at the moment.:(
i added a mockup layout using some of stevens amazing picutres lol
what do you guys think?
I'm not going to say we don't have talented aquascapers here, but on APC there's a guy named Faruk Gencoz. Look him up, he's amazing.
no offence or anything but i have seen many people on this forum that could easly win in a contest againt his.
oooh fight fight fight :p
Felix, here's an unconventional idea you can try.
thumbnail the tank shot, and emphasis minor details.
for example, Stevens first tank looks like crap, but
the detail shots show his true aquascaping prowess.
enlarged shots should be of nice plant clustering,
and interesting fish against the scape's backdrop,
recessed details of a rock formation, top down shots.
so the tank thumbnail just puts it all into context.
this approach would be better for amateur tanks
you might glean from forums, as many usually don't
get the overall tank right, but many get the minor
details of our tanks to look glorious. you can even
take this idea one step further by using the tank
thumbnail as a location key of the detail shots by
drawing a white or black boarder around each area
the detail shot was taken from the overall tank.
in my example, notice the detail shot is not just
an enlargement of the tank shot, and it can be
taken from a different angles, times, overlap, etc.
just give the viewer an up close and personal look.
please forgive my crude tank & photoshop skills.

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-"Many could easly win"
-"Looks like crap."

Sounds like feedback to me. Why haven't these opinions been posted in my journal?
Steve, your crap still looks better than my best efforts ever could :icon_redf
I was just expressing the photo layout possibilities of de-emphasizing the
entire tank shot, and focusing on the great components of such a tank.
I disagree I really like the layouts of Stevens tanks. I just ppaged through his journal last week when I was looking at his valentine. He actually scapes his tanks to look like something.

I on the otherhand am a mismatch scaper- no idea what it is going to look like until I am done:icon_roll Imo I am not much of an aquascaper yet. Unless you want to go the paludarium route (much better in that sector)

OOps I forgot to add that I really like the idea of closeups of specific areas (spypet) I think you can really see some of the great details that way.
no offence or anything but i have seen many people on this forum that could easly win in a contest againt his.
Who Faruk? I'm not saying there aren't, just if you aren't a frequent member of APC you may not have seen them.

Also, Felix, hit the guys up on CAU (Chinese Aquascaping Union) for pictures. Thos guys have a lot of talent too.
I've seen Amano's tanks, CAU tanks, and I believe Steven's tanks have his own style to them. I love his tanks and I disagree with all of you :-D. Except tundragirl.

I guess Steven's tank is that you either love them or hate them LOL. Amano is like, we all love them lol. CAU is unique also but not all their tanks appeal to me. I love their Iwagumi tanks though :-D.

Closeups may be a good idea, but a tank in fullshot view is what it is meant to be. Not the little things. It all comes together I think. So if the tank looks like crap in fullshot, I don't think closeups will really help. Closeups of showing the good parts is like their "attempt" of making it good.
Who Faruk? I'm not saying there aren't, just if you aren't a frequent member of APC you may not have seen them.

Also, Felix, hit the guys up on CAU (Chinese Aquascaping Union) for pictures. Thos guys have a lot of talent too.
i went to his site and saw both his tanks and some that arint his.
but anyways i dont see why alot of people on this forum think that everyone else is better. iv seen alot of peoples tanks that could easly be compairable
to amanos and oliverknotts tanks.
Sorry to butt in, but the thread's not about me or any other individual. If you got opinions on my work, you know I'd love to hear at and you know this is not the place. Plus if you want to discuss Amano/CAU/Knot/whoever, you can make another thread.

Felix, if you can get folks together for your project, I think it's an interesting idea and you should go ahead and try. I'd personally rather talk to you about it at aquaessentials since I've never really seen PT as being very serious about aquascaping. We, after all, don't even have an aquascaping sub-forum here.
I would love to contribute. Right now I only have a 10 gallon but I have a nice camera to take pictures of it.

I am also going to be setting up a 55 gallon soon, of which I am going to be doing a VERY thorough journal of..

PM me felix with the details on what to do. I will always be more than willing to go in depth with the way I set the tanks up.

Lemme know,

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