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Im looking to update the shrimp tank. Its a 15g with a coralite [24watt]. It has no CO2. It houses cherries, amano shrimp, cajun crayfish and a single guppy fry [storeaway]. It full of crypts, moss and java.
Im looking for some of the following:

**fast growing foreground plants [not tall]. Im looking to make a nice field type area. Also I don't want something too needy.
**green shrimp
**tiger shrimp
**blue cajun crays [carriers or full] or just brown cajun crays
**A nice piece of wood [pics a must] (not needed, might still looking)
**Different types of shrimp [will not cross breed with above shrimp]
**ANything you think a shrimp tank needs :icon_roll

Please post if you have any of the following and how much.
thanks XD

My zip is 55045
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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